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    Welcome to our website. Here you can find reborn baby dolls for adoption that have been listed by reborn artist and reborn mommies. This website was created to give you an alternative to other sites that charge you to list your reborn babies. Reborns.org is free to use with unlimited listings and has a rating and reviews system to vow how trustworthy a seller or buyer is. Below you can find all the reborn babies for adoption. To contact the artist or reborn mommy, you can send a private message or email. Please note that reborns.org is not responsible for the listings you see here so please use caution when selling or buying. Have fun!

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    Am I Ready To Adopt A Reborn Baby Doll?

    Reborn baby dolls are lifelike creations created by reborn doll artist, also known as reborning. These Dolls are meant to resemble real babies and they do a great job of it. The dolls look, feel and have the same movements of a real baby. These baby dolls can take up to a hundred hours to complete and involve many steps. Adopting a reborn doll is a big decision that shouldn't be made lightly or without plenty of consideration. Newcomers to this increasingly popular hobby may think that reborn dolls are no different than toy dolls. Having this type of mentality will likely end up your reborn doll being damaged or destroyed. To prevent such a thing from happening to your reborn doll, you should ask yourself if you are truly ready to adopt. reborn baby doll for adoption Collecting reborn dolls is a fun and rewarding hobby that gives you the chance to own some works of art that will make your friends jealous. Since the hobby is still relatively new (about 18 years now) there are still lots of people who have never seen or perhaps heard of reborn dolls. Starting a collection will give you the personal satisfaction knowing that you are participating in a new highly popular hobby that's expanding throughout the world.


    Reborn Dolls can vary greatly in price. For example a doll that takes a hundred hours to complete can cost thousands. You can find cheaper reborn dolls for as low as 100, though not the quality of a doll that cost 5 times or more than that but it will still be a more realistic baby doll than the dolls you get at walmart. The material used can also affect price. A Doll made of full silicone is expensive and dolls made of cheaper vinyl or cloth are more affordable. For more information on reborn doll prices, read this.